Hicham Aboutaam: Greek Marble Statue of Aidos

Hicham Aboutaam
2 min readAug 18, 2021

In the next of our series on Phoenix Ancient Art’s piece, we’re looking at this stunning item.

Hicham Aboutaam: Statue of Aidos

In Greek mythology, Aidos, was the goddess of modesty, respect, shame and humility. This piece exemplifies all of her qualities. The mantle wraps her body in cloth. Her un-draped right arm extends across her body, and her gracefully positioned hand holds the drapery of the himation in place. She wears sandals, and both of her feet are visible from beneath the folds of the chiton that drapes over them. The style and quality of this majestic marble sculpture recall the statue of the goddess of justice, Themis. Typically, marble statues of this size were reserved for the divine. However, this statue could also belong to a particular and important type of Late Hellenistic sculpture representing veiled female figures, which had a wide range across the Mediterranean region in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Hicham Aboutaam Marble Statue of Aidos

Unfortunately the head and most parts of the left arm with hand are lost and there are large chips in place. Additionally there are abrasions and fractures in places with there also a deep vertical fracture on the upper back.

Considering it’s age, it’s in remarkably good condition.



Hicham Aboutaam

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