Hicham Aboutaam: Monumental Apulian Red-Figure Krater

Next in our series looking at some of Phoenix Ancient Art’s most exciting pieces comes this 33 inch terracotta krater which simply takes your breath away.

It’s even more impressive seeing it up close. It is reassembled and is in incredible condition with just some minor cracks, dents, and scratches. Just incredible for a piece that is around 2,500 years old!

It features a very complex design. The main side represents scenes with about ten people and several animals or sea monsters, and is based on a large-scale narration about the children of Athamas, the Boeotian king.

On the other side of the krater, a funerary scene is represented with a stele crowned by a cup filled with fruits and placed between four figures (two seated and two standing) holding offerings for the deceased.

It was exhibited at the recent Sense and Sensibility: Women in Antiquity event.



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Hicham Aboutaam

Hicham Aboutaam is the co-founder of Phoenix Ancient Art. He’s also the owner of e-Tiquities and Electrum