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Hicham Aboutaam
2 min readOct 24, 2021

I wrote about my 6 favorite pieces at the Israel Museum and thought I’d also mention them here in case you didn’t see it.

The Israel Museum is a wonderful museum filled with some great pieces — here are just 6 that I particularly like.

Hicham Aboutaam Glass Menorah
Hicham Aboutaam Glass Menorah

This 11cm disc was buried in Roman crypts almost 2000 years ago. Its journey to being displayed in the 21st century is a remarkable one!

Hicham Aboutaam Peter in Prison
Hicham Aboutaam — Peter in Prison

Rembrandt requires no introduction and neither does this famous piece. A staggeringly beautiful piece.

Hicham Aboutaam and Hadrian
Hicham Aboutaam and Hadrian

This bust of Hadrian is one of the few bronze ones.

Hicham Aboutaam Wall Relief
Hicham Aboutaam — Wall Relief

This piece featuring a palm tree and two genies is stunning.

Hicham Aboutaam Nimrod
Hicham Aboutaam Nimrod Sculpture

This iconic piece has caused a lot of debate in the art world. What are your thoughts?

Hicham Aboutaam Death of Adonis
Hicham Aboutaam Adonis

This piece is now over 500 years old! It features Venus, Cupid and the three Graces. It is a fantastic piece by Rubens.

What are your thoughts of these pieces?



Hicham Aboutaam

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